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SAKKARA Tänzerinnen-Verzeichnis

many already use it, others have no clue this function even exists on our website.

Free of charge listing for all of Europe for dancers, dance troups and studios, now we're approaching entry no. 500. So far dancers from Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Hungar, Great Britain, Luxembourg and Sitzerland have registered.

This registry is completely free of charge - even in case of "success" (you'll get a performance enquiry or are booked due this link) no costs will arise, no commission be charged.

Stating the address (at least the street name) is mandatory, as google maps tells the searching party the distance. Not necessary is full indication of your name, you may as well register with your stage name.


You're looking for a bellydancer to book? Well then, our service is free of charge and you've only 3 more steps to take to achieve your goal!

Should you be looking for an instructor or classes of bellydance, then you've come to the right site, too and you may use the search in the same way. Our dancer and instructor directory is just what you were looking for! Here you may look for dancers/instructors in your area. Just list the address in the fields hereinafter. If you are an active dancer or instructor yourself, then we're hoping you'll register here.

You are a belly dancer or an instructor  - of course you may register in our teachers' directory free of charge!

We're happy about your entries in our dancers' directory and about any link you will place in return to our !


How to search:
Just enter your address and the maximum travel distance - if the search is successful, the dancers and teachers corresponding to your entries will be displayed immediately below the map. By enlargening or downsizing the map you'll find the results on the map itself.

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