Find out here which projects are financally being supported by Sakkara and where else we support social efforts. At the same time we'd like to thank our customers who made the charity project possible by purchasing at Sakkara!

2009 our focus turned towards children in need, as they seldom have a lobby of their own. In 2009 we donated to:

-1- Kinderhilfstiftung e.V. (children foundation registered society), which focus since 1982 on helping children with chronic diseases, mentaly or bodily retarded and abused children.

-2- Frauen- und Kinderschutzhaus Baden-Baden and Rastatt County, in whcih women and children find shelter from domestic violence.

-3- Kinderhospizdienst Baden-Baden, helping terminally ill children and their families to continue in their regular environment.

-4- die Tafeln of Caritas in the sense of "Bread instead of fireworks", they are kind of "soup kitchen" where fellow citizens in need can get groceries at a very low price.

When catastrophes happen, a fast reaction can be saving lives, so we supported with a large sum Unicef in the year 2005 when the Tsunami hit and in 2008 wen a cyclone hit Birma.

All other donations to be found hereinafter!

Fast help is needed in catastrophes

If a catastrophe happens on earth, it's most important to give help fast. So we immediately supported in 2004 when then Tsunami happened at Christmas and also in 2008 when the gale hit Birma with a large sum Unicef. 
Copy us and help! Help to improve our world at least a little bit!

We'll show you which projects SAKKARA helped financially and socially.