If you're maintaining your own website, you surely have a link for other dancers you recommend, as well a muscians, suppliers a.s.o.

In the past banners tended to be rather unimaginative text links, but nowadays they are small works of art! If you want to link us, you now have a good choice of various sizes and shapes - of course we also offer pure textlinks for the purists, but a picture draws attention so much easier!

Each banner-link will gain you a 10,- Euro-voucher for settlement against your next purchase with SAKKARA - and yes, it also can be settled with online orders. This is true for all newly placed banner links, but also for those who want to change their very old link to our site (sometimes still with the old office and sho address!!!) to a newly designed picture-banner. Just send us a short note of the linking by .

10 Euro for each link

You like the online offerings SAKKARA has on its site and you want to show your support? Then simply place a banner on your own website.

We'll credit a value of 10 Euro! for each newly established banner!

In order to make this as easy to do as possible for you, we've designed various banner graphics and text links for your use.
You'll decide on the design best suited for you and simply copy the HTML-code (stated in the box below the banner) and enter it to your website. More information on banner exchanging

How to do:

Select the link type you want and copy the matching HTML-code onto the place on your website you want it to appear. The banner graphics will then be downloaded from our server automatically and you don't have to save them on your own server.

Fullbanner 468 x 60 pixel

Fullbanner 468 x 60 pixel

Halfbanner 234 x 60 Pixel

One-third banner 156 x 60 pixel

Fullbanner 468 x 60 pixel

Big square 125 x 125 pixel

Fullbanner 468 x 60 pixel

Fullbanner 468 x 60 pixel

Banner in text form

Items for belly dance, oriental dance or arab dance - more than 3000 items are waiting in the SAKKARA Onlineshop to be discovered. Come on in - take a look!

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