We want our customers to be satisfied with our servie - good quality products therefore are an absolute must. But quality at any price.... the means to achieve the result is as important to us, i.e. we're heavily into protection of the environment and social responsibility as well as constant material checks for our products.

PPP: product - preliminaries - planning

At the beginning is the idea – after manifesting the idea our marketing and product development department will start looking for qualified suppliers or will contact suppliers of long standing about their means to realize our idea. Quality development specifies colors and sizes - a cut will be developped and checked against first samples, various fabrics and color combinations will be tested. Our suppliers/manufacturers - situated literally all over the world - then will do first production samples which will be checked once more against the cut. Only after clearing this last physical sample our manufacturers may start bulk production.

Oriental dancing is not a performance type in which you strike and maintain a single pose. Active body movement and the added weight of beadfringes, coins or beadwork are challenges to be dealt with. A delicate fabric can't support heavy beadings - but a sturdier fabric doesn't show the same smooth fall - to find the golden cut and still be able to cover the full range of female shapes and enable our customers to look terrific - that's our staff of life.

Workout garments have to fit perfectly, they should not shift, laundering without problem is a necessity and ecological requirements should be met as well. We're known to check on site if our requirements are met: no child labor, azo-free colors and still a good color brillance, break rooms for the employees working for us in situ.

The fit – it must be perfect!

You know it yourself: a work-out session interrupted by constant picking on your garments because they shift either up or down..... that's tedious - no fun at all. Workout clothes should soak up the sweat, fit without a pinch (so a certain stretch must be ensured) - generally speaking this is most often called fit and wear comfort. Our customers note on their return sheets the reasons for returning goods or they if they keep them, they write a letter informing us why they are not entirely satisfied. We're constantly monitoring these data, and follow-up by e.g. changing to another fabric or a double seam instead of a single one that has torn most often with a particular item.

The planning of best fit is not only done on the drawing board - our employees can tell you about it: "Hi, what's your size for shirts/pants again? Okay, here, try this...." – First impressions from dancers as well as non-dancers are compared, as well as the comments of our models and a selected group of customers. A unitary size-chart is quite difficult with international clients: e.g. a size 36 in Germany turns out to be a size 40 in Italy. Both numbers mean zip to an American client… So we mostly use letters as size-identification (S, M, L, XL....) and in addition the regular German sizes are stated online in brackets (e.g. M = 38/40).

An item doesn't fit? No problem, really, we take the item back without any fee involved, as stipulated in the right to withdraw from contract and we're keeping the procedure of return/exchange of goods as simple as possible.

On-site production check - to know what has to be done

Our suppliers/manufacturers maintain production sites for our company and inspect them and the goods produced in regular intervals. Color, cut, seams, colors and shape of beadwork, color of coins, are tie-dyed items (dying process is done manually) in specified color range?

If a divergence is found, production will be stopped immediately and the supplier/manufacturer will get into contact with us. If the solution to the problem can't be found on the phone, he/she will send us a sample by express service. We'll check in our offices in Baden-Baden against the original sample agreed upon and will decide if the divergence is within an acceptable range or if the entire production has to be destroyed and commenced anew – delivery time will suffer if we have to begin from scratch. And that's why you'll have in your mail a letter from Sakkara telling you about the new expected delivery date. Our employees will get the same information, so that they can inform customers calling and ordering about the lagg in delivery. If it's an urgent matter (a pending show) our sales personnel will try to offer an alternative.

The last two checks are done individually once the goods have reached Baden-Baden: when unpacking the shipments our dispatch personnel will do a random inspection of quality, when goods are placed in our shop in Baden-Baden our skilled sales clerks will also check size, shape and color.

Our customer – the toughest tester of all

The belt doesn't fit? It's asymmetric, too short at the hip, the material is not as stated in the catalog – you just don't like the color you got? If you return goods please let us know your opinion! State the reason for return on the return sheet. Only when knowing the reason for a return do we have a tool for changing the items. If you don't let us know what needs to be changed the return sheet is next to useless for us. Your opinion counts - so use your vote!

If you have questions or suggestions concerning quality, please contact us! Either by phone ++49(0)7221 2 76 76-0 or telefax ++49 (0)7221 27676-18 or send an e-mail to Quality-management.

Ecological materials are up and coming

In the past colors were most important, if for shimmering metallic car lacquers or the trendy fuchsia of your sweater - but nowadays it's widely known that colors can cause cancer. Und so we'd rather chose a less intensive color shade but a dying done without AZO-colors and also a lesser color stability for red and turquoise (UV light, i.e. the sun will bleach the items like batik). Thus we avoid further chemicals in our garments. Our textiles meet legal regulations and we often get "the look" when directly purchasing jewellery on site and demanding nickel-free quality. According to our suppliers there still are a lot of dealers in Europe who don't care about such...

Eco-Textiles – a new product line pending

Bamboo or eco-cotton - we want to help elevate ecological textiles to standard level and not to niche products. First product tests are in the running, we're currently checking color stability, shape stability as well checking for possible problems with renewable ecological raw materials - but it will still take some time to get to bulk production - but we're on to  it!

Protection of the environment - a commitment for everybody

When remodelling our new location at Hubertusstraße in Baden-Baden we've deliberaltely included the construction of a block heating station. Office lamps are energy-efficient and windows of insulated glass - of course. Remodelling still is partly in progress and we're still including new ideas for the protection of the environment. It goes without saying that the trash is separated and we're asking our suppliers to use environment-friendly packing materials for airfreight only. We save as much printing on paper as we can and rather use the electronic data storage...