SAKKARA GmbH        Hubertusstra├če 38        76532 Baden-Baden/Germany

Shop: (+49) 7221 27676-16 (during the opening time)

Directions to Sakkara

We've chosen Baden-Baden station as departure reference.

  • exit your train at Baden-Baden - some fast trains like ICE also stop at Baden-Baden station
  • take bus line 205 it will take you directly to Sakkara (exit point Pariser Platz )
  • departure station:
    Mo-Fr  xx:12 o'clock, resp.. xx:44 o'clock
    Sa: xx:11 o'clock

  • travelling time will be approx. 9 minutes
  • Exit bus at Pariser Platz - which is directly in front of SAKKARA GmbH

  • Returning to Baden-Baden station:
    xx:04 o'clock, resp. xx:31 o'clock
    xx:57 o'clock

... and should you want to stroll through the beautiful pedestrian area of downtown Baden-Baden:

  • departure Pariser Platz:                   
    Mo-Fr  xx:18 o'clock, resp. xx:50 o'clock
    : xx:17 o'clock
  • travelling time will aprox. be 11 minutes
  • departure Leopoldsplatz:
    Mo-Fr  xx:20 o'clock, resp. xx:54 o'clock
    Sa: xx:47 o'clock

Additional information:

on the website of the train/bus service provider KVV you'll find a schedule as PDF download for the city of Baden-Baden -  or download the current timetable of KVV 

Shop hours

10 am - 3 pm