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Andreas Strauß

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Packaging Ordinance

For bellydance costumes too, the 5th amendment of the Packaging Ordinance came into force on 01 January 2009.

Using our sales packages for bellydance in Germany we satisfy all packaging obligations by fully participating in the Dual System in accordance with Section 6.3 V pack, or by participating in another industry-specific solution in accordance with Section 6.2 V pack. Our DSD Germany registration number: 1517903

Legal notice

Please note in your own interest our Copyright declaration:

All images, text, logos, and other subject to copyright. The copyrights are held by the Sakkara Strauss GmbH, Baden-Baden and Fotolia. If you download without written permission files, images, text or other passages for commercial or private use (e.g. for use on your own website), you are punishable by law! Increasingly, we find images we created or that were created for us and text on web pages or in promotional materials of our competitors. The copyright violations even go so far that many a competitor copied our picture material, established an onlineshop with our images or copied our custom-made costumes. For copyright violations identified, we will start civil and penal actions!

In addition, we will take following actions both nationwide as well as internationally:

  • ask the violator to eliminate the noted infringements and carry all costs thereof
  • to pay in addition, for all illegally used elements (picture, logo, text passage or other) a usage fee of 150, - Euro, regardless of life and extent of this rise and we'll sue, if necessary.
  • Further claim damages.

Further information can be found in our terms.

Information about Online Dispute Resolution

Under the ODR Regulation, the European Commission will establish a European Online Dispute Resolution platform (also called "ODR platform"). The ODR platform is a web-based platform that is specifically designed to help consumers who have bought goods or services online and subsequently have a problem with that online purchase. It allows consumers to submit their contractual dispute and conduct the ADR procedure online: OS-Plattform