Our boutique displays on more than 300 m² all your belly dancer's heart may desire.

Here you'll find a huge selection of bellydance clothes, costumes for oriental dance, belly dance dress, tops and skirts for bellydance, belly dance bra, jewellery, veils, CDs with oriental music, instruction DVD and show DVDs as well as dance shoes and of course a large number of unique pieces and hip scarves (homash) for oriental dance, music and accessories that are not stated in our print catalog.

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Shop hours

10 am - 6 pm - new!

10 am - 3 pm

We'll open our shop for groups on other days if you take the time to make a phone call for agreeing upon a date first. Since our shop assistants are not present every day, this will help us in assisting you.



How to find us:

by car
by bus