26 years of Sakkara

SAKKARA has been established in the year 1986 - it still was in it's swaddling clothes for some time.

Back then shipments were packed in the living room, later on a garage was used and finally the first official storage room in the city of Landau, which many of our longstanding customers still remember. Our first "bellydance prospectus" had all of 2 pages! First there was no shop - for one we couldn't afford it and back then there were only a handful of dancers. But we sold at "Bazars" at various events and learned much about the needs and wants of our customers. Many dancers helped to better our products, they provided help and directions which were deployed with later collections. But the most important of all: we were allowed to make mistakes and learn from them!

As our customers were spread all over Germany shipping of goods became a neccessity. Here we discovered the most important business rule: send crap and crap will be returned tenfold! We quickly learned our customers were becoming dissatisfied, wouldn't order any more and were spreading the negative news among their dancing friends.

That's the worst publicity that can happen and so we've applied ever since our company motto:

"Make and quality should always be the best feasible - then our customers will be satisfied!"

Nowadays "SAKKARA-Quality" has become a synonym for good quality and is firmly established  in the oriental dance world.

Today members of the SAKKARA team work on almost 1500 m² in the shop, the store and dispatch, our catalog currently has 128 pages, but our philosophy has remained the same inspite of pricing pressure and rationalization - and not only regarding quality!

We've always put emphasis on ecologically sound production - from the start of a product to it's dispatch. Always using best basic materials, e.g. azo-free colors for our fabrics. In many countries as e.g. in India azo-colors still are used for dying because they are cheap. Many of the low-priced items on the belly dance market thus still contain this cancerous element. We also use nickel-free raw material for our jewellery series, quality sequins that are completely dyed and not only coated, polished two-cut beads, high-quality chiffon, velvet and micro fibres and of course genuine cut rhinestones.

Our foreign productions sites have remained almost the same for the past 18 years. Thus we could secure for many families a steady income and schooling for their children. Almost 10 years ago Sakkara helped build a big production site in the far east, which offers western work conditions to the employees. We regularly visit the sites and cooperate closely with the respective head of production. Thus we personally know many of the experienced taylors and beaders and we can assure you that child labor is an absolute taboo for us.

Today SAKKARA is one of the largest manufacturers and shipper of belly dance items worldwide. Our product range includes: oriental dance costumes, belly-dance garments, Tribal costumes, bellydance music on CDs, show and instruction DVDs on Tribal and Belly dance, but also standard items like hip scarves, skirts, veils, beaded belts, dance shoes, show dresses and of course work-out garments. By now we're serving more than 100.000 customers in 42 countries of the world.

We'd like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you to all our customers for their loyality and the trust they show. You made us what we are now. 

We proudly present our current catalog with many new and exclusive ideas for oriental dance costumes and a large variety of practice clothes from size S to XXXL as well as a choice of accessories. As always: best qualtiy at a fair price, a high functionality and a trendy, varying design in great new color combinations for every taste!

1. Code of conduct – a strict NO to child labor and co.

Those who want to enter into business relation with us as manufacturer or supplier will have to accept and follow our code of conduct. The time of child labor definitely has passed, which is a reason why we refrain from accepting so-called "special deals at lowest price" from new suppliers, as these prices could be achieved only by child or forced labor. A minimum wage that enables the worker to support his family is a must for our contractors. We're always happy when we're visiting to find once more women and men of varying age groups and religions working side-by-side without dispute. Employees of our contractors work regular shifts and have wash and break rooms, there is a security standard that has to be observed and of course - no one may be discriminated against because of gender or religion.       

2. Corporate culture – There is no such thing as ordinary with SAKKARA

To work at Sakkara is a totally new experience of staff interaction. All doors are open, problems will be approached directly and all team members will look for a feasible quick solution and implementation to the problem. The shop team knows the members of dispatch - they work closely together, and every employee of Sakkara helps the other if necessary. We communicate in an outright manner - candid, straightforward. It's totally acceptable that an employee has to switch from full to part time because she's pregnant - other team members will help spread the work evenly. If a team member needs a time-out because of health problems or holidays need to be taken during school holidays because of the kids at home - no sweat, everyone pitches in to help. Should another work schedule be favored for some specific time because of private reasons or an appointment with a doctor has come on short notice.... all team members will be informed and the tasks will be divided among them. Our satisfied employees (all of them female by the way) are the pillars of the company - they can be relied upon. Ask ou boss - he knows! It's fun working at Sakkara – and of course we not wonly work, but also celebrate together, go out for dinner from time to time. We're working hard – but we also have a lot of fun!  

If you have questions or proposals about quality - we're personally available for you on the phone: ++49(0)07221-27676-0, Fax ++49(0)7221-27676-18 or by e-Mail to info@sakkara.de