Our online shop contains more than 3000 items - starting with belly dance costume to hip scarf, veil, skirt to oriental dance DVD and oriental music CD.

And we have reason to celebrate: from today on you'll be able to order both from the regular shop and the bargain corner in a single workflow. And the new online shop shows which items are on stock and how many.


Our online shop for belly dance clothes contains more than 3000 items: no matter if you're looking for a belly dance costume, a veil for oriental dance, a hip scarf with coins or without, skirt, pants, oriental dance music, instruction DVDs on belly dance or show DVD on oriental dance, scimitar/sword, beaded belts - you're sure to find something you like on our website!


Our bargain market always has a choice selection of mark-downs, but also unique items that are not part of the official product range.